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Cierges de Pâques en Grèce : Traditions pour les enfants et leurs Parains

Easter Candles – A Tradition for Children and their God Parents

Greek Easter is just around the corner and God Parents from around the world have been ordering Anastaci candles from
Candle themes can range from children’s favourite colours to cartoon characters and sports teams. Here are some pictures of the themed Easter Candles that are now available 

The Easter Candles are only used for one night and that is on the Saturday night church service (early Sunday morning). Shortly before midnight, all lights are extinguished and churches are lit only by the Eternal Flame on the altar. When the clock passes midnight, the Priest calls out “Christos Anesti” (Christ is risen), and passes the flame, the light of the Resurrection, to those nearest him. The flame is then passed from person to person, and it isn’t long before the church and courtyard are filled with flickering candlelight. The night air is filled with the singing of the Byzantine Chant “Christos Anesti,” and the “fili tis Agapis” (kiss of Agape) and wishes are exchanged. As is the custom, as soon as “Christos Anesti” is called out, church bells ring joyously non-stop, ships in ports all over Greece sound their horns, floodlights are lit on large buildings, and great and small displays of fireworks and noisemakers are set off.
Once the Priest has called out “Christos Anesti,” friends and neighbors exchange the same, saying “Christos Anesti” and, in response, “Alithos Anesti” (truly, He is risen) or “Alithinos o Kyrios” (true is the Lord).
Christos Anesti
       say: khree-STOHSS ah-NES-tee
Alithos Anesti
       say: ah-lee-THOHSS ah-NES-tee
Alithinos o Kyrios
     say: ah-lee-thee-NOHSS o KEE-ree-yohss

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